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Since I'm probably going to lock most posts, anyone who is crazy enough to want to friend me, just drop a comment here. If you want to know a bit about me, here's something I snitched from the lj_refugees comm.

Name: Clytie. I have other monikers on the internet, but they're for my more shady passtimes. ^^;

Age: 20-something.

Fandoms: It's quite difficult being in a fandom when you're the only person there. Anyway, I fangirl over Klaha, Atsushi Sakurai, and sometimes Japanese RPGs. I like a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of anime, and a bit more manga, namely Trigun, Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-, and Kuroshitsuji. And yes, I do like Vash/Nicholas, Kurogane/Fai, and Sebastian/Ciel. And I like Doctor Who, although I'm an entire season-and-a-half behind.

Other Interests: Tons of stuff, usually outside the normal range of humanity.

Animals in general, cats in particular (rescued, preferably). I am a weird cat lady, and not at all ashamed.

Music (you can usually find me trolling the shoutboxes of LastFM).

Books, usually 19th century Gothic novels, as well as sci-fi and fantasy and the occasional horror story, provided no animals are harmed (disembowel the people, paint the walls in blood, eat human brains, just DON'T HURT THE DAMN CAT.)

Being a tree-hugging bleeding-heart pacifist commie anarchist moonbat.

Art, usually Pre-Raphaelite era.

Squeeing over cute shota catboys and just about everything else in Japan.

Universalism, and theoretical things. And Greek/Egyptian mythology.
What people can expect to find in your journal: Posts regarding my latest reason for a month of ketchup sandwiches, i.e. Yahoo! Auctions Japan and what I purchased/didn't purchase. Pictures of said items, with (sometimes) scans and subsequent subdued squealing. Once in a while a rant regarding the stupidity of humanity in general (I'm trying to keep it positive). Oh, and sometimes pictures of my cats. If they're good.

Anything else: This will endear me to no one on here at all, seeing as my interests fall well outside the mainstream. Oh well, at least there's BUCK-TICK. *sigh*
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